Femboy Hunt Information

 ▨ ▨ Femboy Hunt Information ▨ ▨

▨ Sponsored by NOP~ Events
▨ DATES: March 1st to 31st, 2018
▨ THEME Cyberpunk!
▨ PRICE (for hunters): 2L
▨ RATINGS: G to adult
▨ Both marketplace & In-world stores welcome!
▨ Blog: http://femboyhuntsl.blogspot.com
▨ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/femboyhuntsl/

▨ Designer Application: http://femboyhuntsl.blogspot.com

▨ Blogger Application: http://nopeventssl.blogspot.com

▨ HUNTERS GROUP: Femboy Hunt & Events Group
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The 10th Femboy Hunt will be March 1st to 31st of 2018! The theme this round was chosen by the hunters, and the winner is Cyberpunk! All items are accepted: accessories, body mods, clothing, hair, cosmetics, tattoos, skins, shapes, mesh body appliers, shoes, and all avatar mods, ratings G to adult. Anything goes so long as it is for non-binary genders.

We get asked a lot why it's called the Femboy Hunt but includes other non-binary genders. six years ago it started out as being just for femboys, but I've learned over the years that many of us are transgendered, neutrois, androgynous, and genderfluid. The non-binary community of SL has not been represented with events and fun things like hunts that were created with us in mind. It's hard to know where we can shop, be understood and feel comfortable expressing and being ourselves. Because of this, the Femboy Hunt expanded to include all non-binary and alternate gender avatars.

We support everyone in our small but strong community, and want to help everyone find the stores, clubs, sims, etc who also support us all. This way we can introduce you to the creators, designers and sim owners, who understand and support the unique needs we as femboys and other genderfluid persons have, and in turn support them.

Everyone is welcome to participate as a hunter or a designer regardless of gender identity, species or orientation.

Each hunt item will be 2L and hidden in a mesh potion bottle with wings. The purpose of the hunt is to introduce hunters to the different designers, sims and stores that support the femboy, non-binary and alternate gender community, and allow them to try items from different creators for a low cost.

Hunters can join the Femboy Hunt & Events Group (look above for information) for hunt help and updates!

Enjoy the hunt!
[NOP~ Events]
Femboy Hunt Coordinator ❤

[Updated 01-2018]

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