Thursday, May 17, 2012


We've been receiving a lot of questions from hunters and creators alike, so we'll be compiling them here in one place for everyone to read! =D If you have a question that isn't here, contact Taki Kujisawa in-world~

1- What am I looking for? 
--This is what you are looking for. It can be any size and there may be decoys!

2- If it's the 'femboy hunt', then why are futa, ladybois, andro and 'whatever else' still included? 
--The reason we accept stores that cater to all non-binary and alternate genders is because there isn't enough out there for all of us who do not restrict our imaginations, self expression, fashion, and gender. SL, just like RL is mostly male/female, and for us to create a strong community and acceptance we must all work together. That and on any given day the Femboy Hunt creator could be any gender, species or whatnot they choose, and sees no point in restricting self expression.

3- What about furry femboys? 
--A femboy is a femboy, regardless of species! We want everyone to participate, fuzzy or not! =D

4- Can sissies and sissie stores join the hunt?
 --Yes! We'd love to have you participate!

5- I don't have an in-world store, can I still join the hunt? How will it work?
--Marketplace stores are encouraged to join also! Instead of an LM or SLURL to your in-world store, we would have a link to your MP instead. There will be no direct linking to the item, so hunters have to 'hunt' on your MP for it! The item will be set for 2$L the same as the in-world boxes. 

6-  Why isn't the hunt free? 
--The purpose of the Femboy Hunt is to introduce hunters to the different store, sims and clubs that support the theme and the community it represents and allow them to try items from the stores for a low cost.

7- My shop doesn't cater to femboys/traps/etc specifically, but I make cute unisex clothes/jewelry/shoes/other accessories.
--Ok! We all need and love nice clothes and jewelry, so why not register?

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