Femboy Hunt Info & Rules

▨ ▨  Femboy Hunt Info & Rules ▨ ▨

All items are accepted: accessories, body mods, clothing, hair, cosmetics, tattoos, skins, shapes, mesh body appliers, shoes, and all avatar mods, ratings G to adult. Anything goes so long as it is for femboys, androgynous and non-binary/alternate genders.

▨ ▨ Quick info:
Coordinated by NOP~ Events
PRICE (for hunters): 2L
RATINGS: G to adult
Both marketplace & In-world stores welcome!
Blog: http://femboyhuntsl.blogspot.com
Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/femboyhuntsl
Discord: https://discord.gg/UTxpbZ5
Blogger Application: https://goo.gl/forms/EdxsPAj75aX69L4q1
Application: https://goo.gl/forms/uE9m19ybISng3cxM2
Hunters Group: Femboy Hunt & Events Group
[Copy & paste into Local: secondlife:///app/group/a3d4460b-f849-0575-81e0-1287a1fc967b/about ]

The Rules

This is a femboy, non-binary gender hunt. Items for all mixes of or lack there-of are welcome, but please keep femboy, androgynous, neutrois and non-binary genders in mind. Flat chested, no boob shading, etc and clothing with bulges are highly encouraged.

Most hunters are looking for androgynous items for many different male and female bodies such as the Maitreya body and the V-Tech chest mod. If you haven't started creating for this mod yet, you need to!

While items such as hair, makeup, accessories, and other 'generic' items are always welcome, we highly encourage you to make items fit for flat chested avatars and items with bulges of all sizes for all male and female bodies. These are the most requested by the femboy community, but ALL fashion items are accepted.

Any rating is welcome, but please be tasteful and have fun! ❤
(We know everyone's idea of 'tasteful' is different, just don't be an arse about it. Thank you!)


Items must reflect the style and quality of your store. We expect you to offer our hunters your best quality. Think of this as a dollarbie to introduce your brand and entice them back!

Your items cannot be resells, Business in a Box, copies or copybotted items of other's creations. All items must be YOUR OWN creation.

The item(s) must be a NEW, OR can be an *exclusive* recolor of an old item. I've had merchants report a double in customers and as high as 5x's the sales during and after the femboy hunt, so offering your best does work in your favor!

Templates, mesh kits, original mesh and original textures are welcome! Templates and creator kits cannot be right out of the box. It must be customized and a new creation of your making. Tinting mesh with the color picker does not count as an original creation! Mods are allowed so long as the original maps are given with permission. (If you use template mesh we ask that you your own textures so the creation is new and unique.) If you make mesh clothes from builder kits, etc, then make sure to add a prim so you show as creator, or upload the DAE file. Putting another creators item as is in the hunt is NOT PERMITTED.

Anyone using any work without permission, or using copybotted mesh, stolen artwork, etc, will be dropped from the hunt. NO RL LOGOS will be allowed. Copyright infringement will not be tolerated under any circumstances. If caught doing so, you will be given one chance to change it. If you don't, or you are caught doing it again, you will banned from joining the hunt again, reported to LL and the original artist/creator will be contacted to take action as they see fit. We've had trouble before with copybotters and stolen artwork. I'd rather kick it in the bud sooner rather than later.

Please stick to the theme. If you offer a tattoo of snowflakes, and the theme is for example, bubblegum, this does not suit the theme and you will be asked to offer another =NEW= item or be removed from the hunt.

ADS OF ITEMS ARE REQUIRED. This is not a free hunt, so you must make an ad to post on the blog for hunters. You MUST send in your own ad of the item you have created. If you do not, you will not be included in the promotions and may lose your spot in the hunt. We -will not- make your ads for you. Again, pictures/ads of the items ARE REQUIRED.

You must let the hunters know what they are getting. It must be obvious in your hunt item ad, item description, etc, what the hunter is receiving. If your item has mixed genitalia or special features, etc, this must show in the ad.

If your store moves, or you go offline for a long period of time, we will not chase you down. We do not have time to run around the grid finding your store because you forgot to update us. If your store disappears with no word from you, you will be dropped. It is your responsibility to keep us updated.

Full permission items are allowed, so long as YOU are the original creator.

If you sell art or photos, YOU must be the original artist, and able to prove you are the original artist. You may not under any circumstances sell someone else's art or photographs. Creative Commons, DRM free and stock photos are allowed, but be prepared to prove you have a  license to use them if we get complaints. Again, would rather kick it in the bud now, rather than later...

If you are joining the Femboy Hunt and Events Group, the rules are simple: 2 posts per day, no escorts, prostituting or such sexual content. If the item advertised is a sex toy, has adult animations or is on an adult sim, this is fine, but the group is for advertising your store and events, not for sex. If you have questions, you can contact me any time.

All sponsor slots are non-refundable. By request, there is no limit on sponsorships.

If you don't understand something, please feel free to ask!

*This list has been created from experience, and feedback from hunters in previous events.

[Updated 02/2019]

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