Monday, September 2, 2019

FBH13 pics & hints! [Sept 1st to 30th][Updated Sept 3rd]

These are all the participating creators along with their hints and picture of their hunt items!

The overall theme of the hunt is The Occult/Lucky 13. We hope you enjoy it!

If you find that a link below isn't working, leads to the wrong store, etc, please post it in the Femboy Hunt & Events Group or in the group discord.

▨▨▨ PLEASE NOTE: If you are encountering stores with multiple boxes that are empty, these are called DECOYS. They are meant to be empty. If you come across a store that has an object not set for sale, but the prize is in it, please contact the store owners, NOT the hunt coordinators. The store owner is the only one who can fix it. Thank you!

♥♥ You can join the in-world group Femboy Hunt & Events group or the Femboy Hunt discord for help! ♥♥

>> TwoSided SLURL has been updated.  
 >>Dishpan Hands & Sweet Evil are ready! Go get 'em!


♥♥#01 Epicine
Hint: Oh the Children of the Night, what music they make!
(Mask is included!) 

♥♥#02 HILTED
Hint: Hanging out with Lemonade

♥♥#03 Inner Demons
Hint: Where one might go to attempt to get a promotion

♥♥#04 Bella Noté
Hint: Didn't Harry Potter used to live under here???

♥♥#05 Kei PoP!
Hint: Slip into that Diamond life ((There are TWO items at this store.))

♥♥#06 Muggleborn

♥♥#07 parfait.
Hint: #1. Sugar sweet, you're my treat~!
         #2.You look tired... have a seat on my peets?
         #3. No time to say hello goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!
         #4. Fluffy and stuffy, I'll melt in your mouth!

♥♥#08 Alination Fashion
Hint: Travel to the end of the rainbow to find your price!

♥♥#09 Trinity Clothing
Hint: Travel to Georgia, the true seat of power

♥♥#10 Robbie Roo's Whatchamgaoos
Hint: And now welcome to the stage Miss Rosy Palm!

♥♥#11 +FATHER+
Hint: The Brightest Light

♥♥#12 SANNA - SCIENCE and ART Animated Textures
Hint: It is such a cute little girl ... no, it is not ... (Halloween area)

♥♥#13 Sunny
Hint: Right over the sign.

♥♥#14 Crooked Laugh
Hint: All around the mullberry bush

♥♥#15 Astara
Hint: A ratto and a willy? Why for? xD

♥♥#16 *baci shop*

♥♥#17 pillowfort
Hint: Between the phone and the mailbox, here you shall find me. ♥

♥♥#18 Dropped

♥♥#19 Harambee-Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: Where is 'Leopard Layered Minidress'?

♥♥#20 Sensations
Hint: Beyond the Queen

♥♥#21 Abrasive
Hint: Some prizes are won playing on machines, but you won't need to take a chance to win this prize

♥♥#22 Milkshake
Hint: Have A Seat While You Look For Me

♥♥#23 Sweet Evil
Hint: Newness (Also hint giver at events wall.)

♥♥#24 VitaVita Textures
Hint: I love my cat ❤ look for a dress!

♥♥#25 Gomun Horangi
Hint: It's growing well.

♥♥#26 TwoSided
Hint: Stairs

♥♥#27 Dishpan Hand
Hint: Pump up the volume

♥♥#28 *Atypical*
Hint: Only time will tell where is it

♥♥#29 krankhaus
Hint: Take your meds!

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