Friday, March 1, 2019

FBH12 pics & hints! [March 1st to 31st] [Updated March 9]

These are all the participating creators along with their hints and picture of their hunt items!

The overall theme of the hunt is Casual/Everyday Fashion. We hope you enjoy it!

If you find that a link below isn't working, leads to the wrong store, etc, please post it in the Femboy Hunt & Events Group.

▨▨▨ PLEASE NOTE: If you are encountering stores with multiple boxes that are empty, these are called DECOYS. They are meant to be empty. If you come across a store that has an object not set for sale, but the prize is in it, please contact the store owners, NOT the hunt coordinators. The store owner is the only one who can fix it. Thank you!

♥♥ You can join the in-world group Femboy Hunt & Events group or the Femboy Hunt discord for help! ♥♥

♥♥ Third Moon Creation - G!A as of March 2, 9am SLT is NOT ready! TEMP SKIP!
  ♥♥ Crooked Laugh hint has been updated!
     ♥♥ TP HUD in-world has been updated! Touch any of the posters to get a new copy.
       ♥♥ Tachor's Gestures hint updated!


♥♥#01 HILTED
Hint: Next to Lemonade

♥♥#02 TwoSided
Hint: Look for booze

♥♥#03 Robbie Roo's Whatchamagoos
Hint: Mirror, Mirror, on the wall... don't be such a judgy twat!

♥♥#04 Trinity Clothing
Hint: In the main and way on high, between the hunt and the Gurlz you will find.

♥♥ #05 Pixel Geek
Hint: Whipp my cheeks

♥♥ #06 Tachor's Gestures
Hint: Congratulations.

♥♥ #07 Crooked Laugh
Hint: Hey! What's new!?

Hint: Ok, ok, sexy girls here but where are the boys?

 ♥♥ #09 [Cubic Cherry]
Hint: Nice arms, Mr. Doll~

♥♥ #10 Epicine
Hint: Every bunny luffs a cum bunny.

♥♥ #11 Sunny
Hint: On top of Sign. Also on MP.

♥♥ #12 +FATHER+
Hint: Cry, cry, cry.

♥♥ #13 Dishpan Hands
Hint: Go get a soda!

♥♥ #14 .EscalateD.
Hint: Potion? I'm Waterproofed Inc! Grab a pen and doodle some. ♥

♥♥ #15 MadCatCreations
Hint: Somewhere under the Rainbow

♥♥ #16 Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop
Hint: Look for entry of Store 'VitaVita Texture Full Perm'!

♥♥ #17 *baci shop*
Hint: Do you like lucky letters?

♥♥ #18 uh-oh
Hint: Not everyone wears their heart on their sleeve.

♥♥ #19 Lamp*Light
Hint: It's on the desk.

♥♥ #20 pillowfort
Hint: Desks are always a good place to start.

♥♥ #21 Star Gear
Hint: Under the stars.

♥♥ #22 Brocade Tiger
Hint: You find the flowers amid the greenery.

♥♥ #23 Astara
Hint: Looks like the bunny might be able to help!

♥♥ #24 :Ruetique:
Hint: Always try before you buy.

♥♥ #25 Simply Paige
Hint: Shopping is hard work. Sometimes a rest is nice!.

♥♥ #26 -::Shinu Made::-
Hint: "Hope" is all you need to find your reward.

♥♥ #27 .: Fujiwara's Worlds :.
Hint: Now I should take a sit.

♥♥ #28 Kenuro's Goodies
Hint: Now open your mouth and say 'Ah'.

♥♥ #29 Waffles
Hint: Have some pride.

TEMP SKIP ♥♥ #30 Third Moon Creation - G!A
Hint: Sort out for your zen among the Bamboos.

♥♥ #31 Miami Mix Boutique
Hint: Between Geneva and the Philippines is the final vote.

♥♥ #32 Gomun Horangi
Hint: The deco looks nice today.

♥♥ #33 {.Gross Princess.}
Hint: What a lovely moonstone!

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