Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Femboy Hunt 11 Sponsor Spotlight: Akuma Drops

▨ In World Update Group:
▨ Copy & paste in-world to join: secondlife:///app/group/d00d2b97-ab07-f9d1-cf4e-b1e9619f7c38/about
    • There is NO fee to join.

Current special events:
Currently taking part in SaNaRae and will be at Imaginarium next month!

Cute dryad antlers with HUD driven textures and toggle-able leaves! 
Perfect for RP or completing a fantasy Halloween costume~ 

Short shorts! 
Comes in a bulge and non-bulge version and includes a HUD with 6 denim textures! 
A fall-themed apron with some cute and spoopy variations~ 
Fits Maitreya (stock/V-tech) and Kemono (stock/fitted/ABC flat) and 
comes in two sizes for over clothes or naked apron style!
A cute bra/crop top combo for cuties with adventurous style! 
Wear the top with or without the included bra, depending on just how adventurous you are~ 
Fits Maitreya (stock/V-tech) and Kemono (stock/fitted/ABC flat)

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