Thursday, January 21, 2016

Femboy Hunt 8 Theme Announced!

▨ ▨ Femboy Hunt 8 ▨ ▨

 Sponsored by NOP~ Events
 DATES: April 1st to 30th
 THEME: Gothic
 RATINGS: G to adult
 NOP~ Events HQ:

The 8th Femboy Hunt will be April 1st to 30th of 2016! This is a hunt aimed primarily to femboys, traps, kathoey, ladyboys and all non-binary and alternate gender avatars of SL including a-sexual, unisex, sissies, t-girls, androgynous, transgender... the list goes on! If you need visual aids, definitions, etc., check out this handy guide!)

Creators, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design and create something cute, sexy, fluffy, scary, or whatever else you want based on a Gothic theme. Items can be anything from fur mods to furniture, skins and hair to Full Perm items and clothes. Any items of any rating are accepted with the exception of children's items, but above all we ask that they be unique and representative of the quality of the items in your store.

Public registration is open from February 9th to March 27th.

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